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17 Habits of Healthy People You Need to Adopt RN

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Tons of you look at that coworker, friend or family member and almost make fun of the fact that they’re so healthy. “They’re eating vegetables for lunch? Get me a burger!” We’ve all said something of the sort, quietly ridiculing someone for their healthy choices. It can be funny to tease people for being healthy but in reality, some of their habits could be seriously beneficial for outselves.

Tbh, we may even be jealous of all those healthy people and the fact that they wake up at 5 AM to go to a spin class before work or keep a gallon-sized water bottle on their desk to stay hydrated. It's not even because we think they look better but because they always seem to have more energy or a more positive demeanor in general. While it's possible they may just have a really peppy and likable personality, it’s probably mostly because of the way they treat their body.

The sad fact to admit to ourselves is that healthy people are doing things right. They’re treating their bodies with kindness and giving it what it needs, and you should too. You'll even find most healthy people give themselves a cheat day or a weekly allowance for unhealthy habits. Everything in moderation, you know. There’s so much to gain from adopting healthy habits and believe me, you’ll be thankful you took a page out of a healthy person’s book when it comes down to it.