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5 Fruit Juice Brands That Aren’t Made With Artificial Flavor Packets

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America's relationship with orange juice was already on the outs due to price increases, but there's a much better reason to rethink your morning glass of fruity drink. The process of massively producing juices–whether from concentrate or not— involves removing the flavor from the juice, which is reconstituted by adding some shifty artificial flavors.

Concentrating juice involves removing water through a filtration and extraction process, so that the product can be stored and shipped for longer periods of time, and the good people of America can enjoy their orangey drink 365 days of the year. But in removing the water and oxygen, flavor is also removed, so it's the job of flavor and fragrance companies to make flavor packs that will resurrect the orange essence destroyed in the factory. So the perfume you put on in the morning might be made by the same people who flavored your juice.

But how about juices that say ‘not from concentrate,' surely those couldn't be made by Calvin Klein? Not necessarily. That stuff is really made the same way as the other stuff, heated and stored in vats with flavorings added afterward.

But there is good news! You don't have to resort to freshly squeezing your own produce whenever you want a fresh, perfume unrelated glass of juice. There are quality juice products out there made without any kind of concentration process, and here are a few you should be able to find in a market near you.

1. BluePrint

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(Image: BluePrint Cleanse)

BluePrint juices are cold-pressed, which means the fruits/veggies have all the juice pulverized out of them by thousands of pounds of pressure. It's the most nutrient-preserving way to produce juice, and they're 100% raw and organic.

2. Suja

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(Image: Suja Juice)

Suja juices are also cold-pressed, and use high pressure processing (HPP) to preserve freshness. Cool pressure is applied after the juice is bottled to destroy pathogens while preserving all of the nutrients.

3. Uncle Matt's

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(Image: Uncle Matt's)

Uncle Matt's juices are organic and don't rely on any flavor packets to produce quality, fresh juice. They make orange, apple, grapefruit, and more natural kinds of juice.

4. New Planet Organics 100% Apple Juice

new planet organics apple juice


(Image: Whole Foods)

New Planet Apple Juice is freshly pressed from organic Washington apples, and never contains artificial flavors, or arsenic for that matter.

5. 365 Brand

whole foods 365 brand


(Image: ABCD Diaries)

Whole Foods' 365 Brand products are usually organic and free of artificial flavors, but always make sure before you buy and check the label for any nasties.

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