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18 Struggles That are Way Too Real When You’re Trying to Eat Healthier

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It's no secret that healthy eating can be tough. If you're new to the clean eating lifestyle, you may be realizing that there are all sorts of unexpected difficulties that come along with it. Not only is eating healthy expensive, it's pretty much impossible to convince yourself that the salad you're chomping on is just as good as that hamburger your friend ordered. If you're feeling discouraged, just know that it's tough for everyone — lifestyle changes don't come easy! You got this, champ.

1. Knowing that healthy eating is not the same as a diet


Okay, the first thing is knowing the difference between healthy eating and a diet. Healthy eating is a gradual, practical lifestyle change, with the purpose of making your body feel better for the long-haul. It can be confusing when you start eating healthy, especially because crazy fad diets and cleanses lurk around every corner of the internet. Diets are a “quick-fix” — they’re unsustainable and can be straight-up dangerous. Just remember that eating clean and healthy won’t involve anything drastic like drinking detox-teas, cutting out an entire group of food or living off of nothing but leaves for the rest of your life.