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Healthy “Baking”: 10 Vegan, Raw Dessert Recipes You Can Eat While Detoxing

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This week, I'm on one of Organic Avenue‘s raw detoxing food cleanses, so my oven is officially on sabbatical. Every day, I have a full menu of juices and raw foods that are pre-made and ready to go, so I literally haven't had to do a dish for the past five days. I'm starting to miss cooking and baking, but thankfully, I'm not missing my sweets. On this cleanse, I get one raw dessert per day, and I've been blown away by how good they are. Surprisingly, a lot of the ingredients are good for me, too.

Since I know I'm not the only one detoxing this time of year (and no everyone is lucky enough to live near a place that will make their juices and foods for them), I decided to hunt around for more raw dessert recipes that you can “bake” even while cleansing. They're totally raw and dairy-free (no processed sugar, either), so they'll give your system a well-needed break while helping you ease off sweets, without going cold turkey: