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The Country With The Healthiest Diet (Is Definitely Not The USA)

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The Country With The Healthiest Diet  Is Definitely Not The USA  national diet 640x426 jpgIf you’re looking to eat well, go to the Netherlands. New research shows that in terms of diet, it’s the nation with the healthiest consumption patterns. The report was compiled by Oxfam after they analyzed 125 countries’ diets.

Oxfam researchers considered questions like the following to determine the order of the list:

  • Do people have enough to eat?
  • Can people afford food?
  • Is good quality food accessible and available?
  • What’s the extent of diet related diseases?

Ranking countries based on diet is tricky business and it’s not all clear. The Netherlands came in #1 despite high levels of obesity (one in five in their country have a BMI greater than 30), compared to the rest of the nations indexed people there can afford food and not everyone is dying of diabetes or malnutrition. It’s not like everyone there is eating like Gwyneth Paltrow.

USA didn’t even come close to being #1 healthiest or #1 most obese (that’s Kuwait), by the way, even though our food is the most affordable. We came in 21st, health-wise.

If you were wondering, here are the top 10 countries to eat in:

1. The Netherlands

2. France

3. Switzerland

4. Denmark

5. Sweden

6. Austria

7. Belgium

8. Ireland

9. Italy

10. Portugal

Oxfam has drawn up a list of objectives that would address some of the problems being faced by the hungry and malnourished worldwide. Hopefully we can start tackling those because it is unacceptable that there are children starving anywhere.

via The Daily Mail//Image via Shutterstock