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16 Things to Eat for a Healthier Mind and Body

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You don’t need anyone to tell you that food is good for your brain. Obviously it is because it’s what keeps you alive. But did you know there are certain foods that can be more beneficial than others? (Probably yes, too.)

Most of the time, your body just needs calories to function. It’s better if those calories come from healthy foods, but if your body can burn them, it’ll do the job. The benefits come from when you eat foods that are really good for both your mind and your body. They’re full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help your body function the way it should and they keep your brain running at top efficiency.

I’m sure you’ve heard of “superfoods” before. They’re known to house the most nutrients and can aid your body in a number of different things. They can even prevent illnesses! Here are some of the top foods you can eat to have a healthier mind and body.

1. Nuts and Seeds

These bad boys are filled with healthy fats and proteins. Studies have also shown that, since they have high levels of vitamin E, they reduce your cognitive decline as you get older. Try adding some to your yogurt or munching on some during the workday — the sooner the better.

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