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Goofiest Health Trends Of 2013

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prancerciseIt's that time of year where we all reminisce about all the things that happened. This is not a best or worst list, this is a goofiest list.

In the year 2013, there was a general trend toward health consciousness. Everyone seems to care more about eating local and trying out new ways to exercise. We're going on “fun runs” and questioning what we put in our bodies. This progression toward a healthier lifestyle is definitely positive, but people are a bunch of goofballs and our efforts to be healthier sometimes turn out to be a little wacky. This year some of our health and wellness schemes got pretty goofy and caught on big time. When I say goofy, it can mean either absurd and dangerous or absurd and silly.

These are the goofiest health trends of 2013:

Prancercise- This is the fun kind of goofy and not the dangerous kind. Prancercise‘s Joanna Rohrback seems like a helluva a woman, prancing is fun and we should be free to exercise in a light-hearted way if that's what we want to do. Not everyone has to be lifting in the gym. Do yourself a favor and check out the positive “About” page and the entire Prancercise website.

Juicing- This trend started a few years ago, but really escalated this year. Even this  blogger tried juicing. It's totally goofy because while juice is delicious, solid foods are kind of critical. Socially acceptable starvation is still starvation.

Cronuts- This croissant-donut hybrid pastry took the internet by storm. Despite delicious copy cats springing up across the nation, people are still lining up to get a piece of the trademarked original in NYC. Like cupcakes and quirky food trucks before it, the cronut was a food-trend that could not be ignored.

SoulCycle- The overpriced spinning class is basically a foam party for your ass and cardiovascular health. It's totally goofy.

Paleo- This diet doesn't seem too bad for you from where I'm standing, but it's totally goofy that people in 2013 think they're eating like cavemen. We don't really know what cavemen were eating and I'm sure they'd be delighted by all of the processed and unclean foods banned by the Paleo diet.

Thigh Gaps- This is the dangerous kind of goofy. The obsession with an empty space between the femurs is just a symptom of a bigger problem. We have to stop cutting up our bodies into little pieces just to make scrutinizing and hating ourselves even easier.

Going Gluten-Free (for no reason)- People who are not afflicted with celiacs disease or allergies decided to drop gluten in an effort to be healthier lose weight. This trend is totally goofy because eliminating food groups willy-nilly is a little weird. The trend made grocery stores and restaurants more accommodating for people who require gluten-free diets, but it also makes them lose credibility and seem like trendoids rather than people with Celiac Disease and other ailments.

Super Foods- They're just foods! Eating produce, nuts and ancient grains is all well and good, but vitamins and minerals are not magical properties and it's silly to think so, but it's cool that more people are going for whole foods.

Image via Prancercise