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3 Health Goals For 2014 That Everyone Can Achieve

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3 Health Goals For 2014 That Everyone Can Achieve Bridget Jones Resolutions jpgWhat, like a new calendar is suddenly going to turn you into the person you want to be and not the sweaty gremlin who sleeps until noon on Sundays? Not with that attitude.

It’s easy to get a little delusional when setting goals. That’s why people mock New Years’ Resolutions so intensely (guilty). Sometimes, it feels like we don’t even intend to achieve these objectives; we just come up with pipe dreams and let ourselves fail. Sure, we should all shoot for the stars and dream big and do the impossible and whatever other corny cliches, but we should also stop booby trapping ourselves into disappointment. Perhaps instead of setting lofty goals, we could start trying to implement more reasonable improvements. For example, instead of become hotter we can regularly clean hair.

When it comes to health, it’s especially easy to aim for the impractical. We all want to live longer and live better. We relate good health to goodness and we think our bodies and minds reflect what’s good in us. A lot of it is hooey and we are all going to die whether we eat cronuts or live off of Gwyneth Paltrow’s breath and sunlight. Whether we look like hell or are jacked like a pro-swimmer, it doesn’t last forever. Though there is no moral value to health, whatever that word means to you, it is one of the most valuable resources we have as individuals. It’s okay if you don’t care at all about your health, but if you do, even a little, you can improve it with minor changes.

Whether you’ve been living shitty and treating your body badly or you work very hard to maintain excellent stamina or a certain physique, let’s make 2014 a healthier year than 2013. It doesn’t have to be the healthiest ever because bodies are fragile, so much can go wrong and we can’t just will eternal well-being onto ourselves. When making achievable goals, it’s all about lowering the stakes and making little changes that might just snowball into big life improvements.

Here are 3 very reasonable and definitely achievable goals to make this year healthier than last year:

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