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6 Health And Fitness Blogs That Won’t Intimidate You

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exercise blogSometimes clicking through blogs can freak me out and make me feel guilty that I am the worst, the laziest, the most careless person on earth. Seeing updates on a finely curated blog about something so specific like cooking paleo or running marathons might make you feel bad too. I'm so intimidated by some of these bloggers and their seemingly perfect habits. How do they have the time and energy to cook so well, to work out so hard? The truth is, they may or may not be as devoted as they appear. Whether or not they are that perfect, we shouldn't feel like a wimpy little wussies because we don't train with such intensity or look like them. Luckily, there are health and fitness blogs out there that are written by really hot, really fit, really healthy people that won't freak you out. Some writers take care and know that not everyone can have their lifestyle, they aim to inspire people rather than show off or guilt those less “healthy.” Taking care of yourself isn't a punishment!

Here are 6 benevolent Health bloggers that won't scare the yoga pants off of you:

  1. MizFitOnline– There's a stamp on her header image that says “unapologetically myself” and MizFit totally lives up to it. It's always a treat to find quirky and alternative women in the health blogging world where so many are swayed by fitness and nutrition trends.
  2. Purely Twins: Eat. Sweat. Love. Inspire– Everyone loves twins! Growing up, I had the Olsens and the Mowry sisters to look to, now I have the Purely Twins.These two, Michelle and Lori are very accessible and sweet. It's cool that they run this blog together, readers get more than one perspective in one go! They seem preposterously sweet, which makes reading about their killer fitness and diet regimens less frightening.
  3. The Fitnessista– Gina totally understands that fitness is just one facet of a person's life. She manages to do that without getting off topic. The Fitnessista knows her stuff; she's certified to teach fitness classes, as a personal trainer and Zumba instructor. She's not a loser, but she won't make you feel like one.
  4. Truth2BeingFit– Okay, this blog might be a little intimidating, but mostly inspiring. Jody may be more mature than other bloggers, but she kicks just as much ass. Probably more. The weight lifter in her 50s makes me want to take care of myself so that I can kick ass too. Truth2BeingFit is an awesome read for anyone at any age who might be sick of seeing 26 year old Pilates instructors on every blog.
  5. Go Kaleo- Totally cool, totally positive vibes! Go Kaleo used to be obese with a host of metabolic troubles, but is now very physically fit with a Personal Trainer certification, a Nutrition and Weight Management Coach certification, as well as Massage Therapist and Health Educator credentials. She's so cute and understanding and qualified. Follow Go Kaleo on Facebook! Her updates usually make me smile.
  6. Jessi Kneeland: Empowering Fitness– Jessi rules, I'm really hoping she updates the blog soon. It's so refreshing when wildly physically fit people emphasize body positivity. Jessi cares about healthy and active bodies, not just bodies that look a certain way. Her attitude is next level good.

Please recommend more, we're always looking for new reads.

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