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He thinks He’s His Brother

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Have you ever noticed how a baby thinks he/she is the only one you've ever had in your life? I've noticed that whenever we look at old photo albums of Little A's big brother, (when Big Bro was a baby) he points at each one and says, “Me.” Even when I correct him he gets very serious and argues it. brothereyes

This has made me wonder if babies don't have some type of thing where they think they are the only ones. I mean obviously they learn there are others out there, but NOT others in your home. Any picture of a younger child is a picture of them, any picture of a sibling that doesn't look like they do now is not them. Could this be because they haven't seen a sibling's looks change? Possibly. Even if you have a small chronicalogical (sp) album of just the baby and let him/her flip through it they will not believe.

The above picture is Little A looking at SoccerBoy's picture album. He got really into it and took over an hour looking at the pictures.