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Have Yourself A Green Wedding (and Honeymoon!)

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Traditionally, weddings are white. But increasingly the sentiments are tending toward green.

For example, when philosophy professor David Jackson and photographer Kirsten Hepburn were married last summer, their 80 guests were served only locally grown, organic food. The couple checked to be sure the seafood selected for the main dish, a paella, did not include any species threatened by overfishing or high in contaminants.

Invitations to the ceremony held in an olive grove in Northern California were made at home on recycled paper, and guests were encouraged to donate to environmental causes rather than give traditional wedding gifts.

Read more at the Nashua Telegraph.

If you’re an environmentally conscious couple/individual, this is definitely something to think about.

The article also has some tips on how to get yourself a green wedding, such as:

1) Consider buying a vintage dress and tuxedo from a resale clothing store.

2) Choose a simple dress and suit you can wear again.

3) Buy 100 percent post-consumer-waste recycled invitations that are processed without chlorine.

4) Create a Web site about your wedding and ask guests to reply online instead of enclosing reply cards.

5) Use caterers who will donate leftover food to homeless shelters and recycle bottles and cans.

6) Use an eco-friendly travel agent for your honeymoon and stay in a certified green hotel.

More green wedding and honeymoon tips, anyone?