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Survey Confirms What We’ve Known All Along: Harvard’s Study Body Is Full Of Virgins

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Survey Confirms What We ve Known All Along  Harvard s Study Body Is Full Of Virgins harvard 640x427 jpg

A survey by Harvard’s student newspaper, The Crimson, has confirmed what we’ve known all along: students don’t get laid at Harvard.

Okay, some get laid. But nearly 25 percent of Harvard seniors reported that they never had sex during their student tenure. That’s one in four students who didn’t bump uglies with anybody throughout their entire college career. And since college is generally a giant cesspool for breeding (at least, according to movies like Superbad) this stat is kinda surprising.

Or maybe not. Maybe students were busy doing other stuff — like, I don’t know, saving the world and being ridiculously, ridiculously smart. However, I thought an institution as elite as Harvard would definitely have a good amount of smart-on-smart canoodling going on. If you ever wanted to hook up with a smart person, your tenure at Harvard is the time to do it. Yet the number of average romantic relationships among graduates was one — so I’m guessing Harvard students are a little too busy for extracurriculars that aren’t factored into their GPA.

Elle Woods would surely gasp at this number, but I’m sure she would understand knowing some Harvard students are just as big of dickheads as her ex, Warner. The only thing more disappointing in this survey is that 31 percent of students reported rarely or never using a condom…which smart people should definitely know is a must by now.

As far as the other stats that give us a glimpse into life at Harvard, you can take a look at the survey here.