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Harsh Chemicals Causing “Poop Rash” On Kids

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No, “poop rash” isn’t the technical term, but researchers have said that kids are getting more skin irritations caused by toilet seats these days. The culprits are harsh cleaning chemicals or exotic wooden toilet seats. It’s another example of science supporting eco-cleaning options.

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Toilet seat dermatitis is one of those legendary conditions described in medical textbooks and seen in underdeveloped countries, but one that younger pediatricians have not come across in their daily practice,” said Johns Hopkins Children’s Center investigator Bernard Cohen, M.D.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins Children’s Center believe that toilet seat rashes are making a comeback due to either cleaning chemicals, wooden toilet seats, or toilet seats covered in paint or varnish.

Kids suffering from poop rash will develop skin irritation around the buttocks or upper thighs after several uses of the offending seat, whether it be a wooden seat or a seat containing residue from harsh cleaning chemicals.

Sadly, one of the researchers noted that some kids suffer for years before a correct diagnosis is made!

Clean Your Toilet Seat Gently

Don’t whip out the harsh cleaners in an effort to super sanitize the toilet seat. The researchers recommend avoiding “harsh store-brand cleaners” that may contain irritants like phenol or formaldehyde. Instead, they suggest cleaning with rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. Of course, you can always use another eco-favorite cleaner: vinegar, water and a few drops of essential oil. If you’re concerned about germs, follow with a separate spray of 3% hydrogen peroxide from an opaque bottle.

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Another tip from researchers: Be sure kids are using seat covers on public toilets, especially in schools and hospitals that tend to use harsher cleaners.

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