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Happy Thanksgiving Babylune!

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Today, as you gather around the table look around. Take a silent moment to think of all those things you have in your life, to the right of you, to the left of you and those that may live in the distance.

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It doesn’t matter how hard it has been up to this point, it matters that you are still here and so is that little one sitting next to you.

Tonight, I can’t help but smile at that sleeping 2-year-old that is in my arms right now as I type. The wisp of hair that has went into his eyes to even the chapped lip he grabbed earlier today. It’s cold here and even though he wore chapstick he still managed to get it chapped. I’m even thankful to the way he acts, it proves that he has personality, even though the “no” and defiance can drive me up the wall. I am thankful to have him as well as his other three siblings in this home. Each one has a special place in my heart, at one point I wondered (during each pregnancy) if I’d have room in my heart to love another, sure enough I do.

I’m thankful to each one, for the love they share with me and give me every day and to you my dear readers here at Babylune. Happy Thanksgiving!!