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Happy Birthday BRCA2!

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It's the last day of Breast Awareness month, so I thought this post would be quite apt!
This year sees the tenth anniversary of the discovery of breast cancer gene BRCA2!

According to estimates of lifetime risk, about 13.2% of women will develop breast cancer, compared with estimates of 36% to 85% with an altered BRCA2 gene.  So, if you have an altered BRCA2 gene you're 3-7 times more likely to develop breast cancer than women without the gene.

The groundbreaking discovery has given women with a family history of the disease real reason to celebrate with the greatest gift of all – extending lives and proactive choices about their care.

For further information on the BRCA genes and BRCA testing visit:

www.myriad.com and www.opaldia.com

Elaine Warburton