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Halloween Costume Code From PureCostumes

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Halloween is just around the corner, with just a little over a month left parents will be running to the stores to buy those costumes for their little cutie pies. But why run to the store when you can purchase your items online and wait for them to come to you?

Halloween Costume Code from PureCostumes princess 175x300 jpg

IMG: PureCostumes.com

PureCostumes has 77 toddler halloween costumes for you to choose from and 22 of them are from 2009 alone.

Halloween Costumes for Toddlers:

–  Happy Harlequin Jester Toddler Costume
–  Penny the Pirate Toddler Costume
–  Pretty Pumpkin Witch Toddler Costume
–  Spiderman muscle toddler Costume
–  Cuddly Bunny Toddler Costume 

One thing I like about these costumes is they seem to come with everything. How many of you have purchased a costume in a bag at a store? I know we’ve purchased items in the past that didn’t include everything and needed to go back to the store later or make do with what we had around the house. At PureCostumes even the Snowflake Princess Toddler Costume (pictured here) comes with the tiara.

“Elegant Light Blue Dress with Plush and Sparkle Trim. Also, a Mini-Tiara to top off this magical princess costume.”

The costume does not include the wand, however it states that you can top the look off with one by ordering it through the accessories section or you could make your own.  There are tons of other costumes from a snowflake princess, witch to the fireman or the little hobo. For those that like cartoons, the wee ones will probably love the Thomas the Tank outfits.

Babylune Readers will now get to purchase on of these adorable costumes for their little one with this coupon code:


This coupon code will give readers a 10% off on all orders with no minimum. The coupon code is good until 11/01/09 so make sure to order those costumes soon.  Plus if you order over $60 worth of items before 9/30 you get free shipping, the coupon code is 60AGAIN for that.