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Pregnant Halle Berry: Irresponsible Or Paragon Of Health? The Daily Mail Can’t Decide

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Halle Berry picks up Nahla at the school carrying orchids

The Daily Mail can't seem to decide if Halle Berry is the paragon of pregnant women or if she needs to be shut up at home, lounging on the couch and stuffing her face with pickles and ice cream.

The headline “She's still not putting her feet up! Heavily pregnant Halle Berry takes playful daughter Nahla bowling with Olivier Martinez” seems to denote that the Daily Mail writer (it's without an actual name on the byline, natch) thinks that Halle should be at home, putting her feet up. Pregnant women can't actually DO STUFF, doncha know?

But then, if you read the article, Halle gets a glowing review for her OMGamazing fitness: “The 47-year-old actress appeared incredibly fit and able as she showed off her ever-growing baby bump,” and “The stunning actress has been impressively active throughout this stage of her pregnancy, opting to continue running errands and being independent when others might have retired to the couch by now.”

So, they're implying she's a bit irresponsible for being out and about in their headline, but then heaping on the compliments because Halle is staying active in late pregnancy? DOES NOT COMPUTE. Which is it, Daily Mail? Are pregnant women delicate flowers who have to be shuttered in at home or beautiful, fit goddesses? Y'all can't have it both ways.

Of course, none of this is surprising in the least, coming from the often body-negative and misogynistic Daily Mail—remember when they concern-trolled Kate Middleton for wearing heels while pregnant?—but it still irks me, considering that the Daily Mail is a major news source for people all over the world and the way that the publication rhetoricizes pregnancy and pregnant bodies actually does affect the opinions and mindsets of their readers.

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