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Beyonce Stuns At Super Bowl Halftime Show With (Pantsless) All-Female Band

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Beyonce halftime show super bowl 2013So what did everyone think about the Super Bowl halftime show with Beyonce & Co. yesterday?

I'm not crazy about her writhing about on the floor stripper-style to start, but with a chorus of backup singers in differing shapes and sizes and an all female band (“The Suga Mamas”) backing her, at least B's performance shows a range of possible roles for women in music.

Most girl-crush worthy has to be Bibi McGill, the badass guitarist who played alongside Beyonce at yesterday's halftime show. McGill is the musical director and guitarist for the Suga Mamas, as well as the CEO and founder of Bibi Kale Chips.

Bibi also seems to be one of few people — musicians, dancers, chorus — allowed to wear pants during the performance.The rest are mostly woefully pantsless, by which I don't mean “wearing a skirt of dress instead” but that there is a serious lack of any sort of substantial lower-body covering in this jamboree, save for booty shorts and tutus and fishnets (and maybe occasionally what look like leather pantaloons). One of the keyboardists does seem to have borrowed a dress from Paula Abdul's early years.

Anyway: Destiny's Child reunion OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michelle Williams was even allowed a skirt that covers about 3 inches of upper thigh (though poor Kelly Rowland was relegated to some sort of Cabaret-meets-Village People zip-up leather one-piece).

Watch it (again) below if you haven't see it and tell us what you think!