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Haircuts For Introverts Are Now Available In The UK

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Do you like getting your haircut or highlighted (you know, for maintenance reasons) but hate, hate, hate making small talk with your hairdresser?

Join the club.

I can’t get through a styling session without a hairdresser filling me in on her latest breakup, then telling me that my hair is shit and recommending 19 beauty products I absolutely need (that are also way out of my price range).

Feel similarly?

Here’s some good news: one hair salon in the UK is trying out something new called a “quiet chair.” Similar to the quiet car on the train, clients at Bauhaus, a salon in Cardiff, South Wales, now have the option to book an appointment free of the terrible chitchat that normally comes with a haircut.

The “quiet chair” is available to customers at the salon’s two locations in Cardiff, according to a press release from the salon. The salon acknowledged that while most customers treat their stylists like a therapist, some people in need of a haircut just really struggle with small talk. And that’s okay.

Because being an introvert is a real thing, and talking to strangers can be scary/really annoying.

So when it this coming to America? Because my split ends need fixin’.

Image via Pixabay