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Going To The Gym Could Actually Be Worse For Your Diet

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Here’s some bad news for everyone slaving away at the gym.

Logging long hours on the treadmill or getting a front row spot in Laney’s Pilates class may not actually be helping you lose any weight, because dieters who exercise are more likely to eat even more after a workout.

The logic makes sense: You’ve just worked your ass off. Don’t you deserve a treat?

But the findings suggest this kind of attitude — the, “My workout justifies a splurge on food” attitude — can make going to the gym ineffective.

Why do people think like this? Well, people who follow diets are more likely to count every single calorie and log every morsel of food they consume. When they do that, it’s easier view exercise as a way to justify their binging habits, according to researchers.

A recent study found that individuals are more likely to relax their self-control when they feel like they have a good reason to do so — like, they just spent an hour on the elliptical, so cheese fries are fine. However, if the same individuals see exercise as a fun and social hobby, they’ll be less likely to indulge post sweat session. 

So I guess it’s time to sign up for that adult kickball league or running club — you might just save yourself from gaining weight (and from a hefty buffet bill)!

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