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17 Reasons Why You Should Be Working Out With a Gym Buddy

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working out with a buddy


Being fit and working out is probably one of the best trends to hit the human race probably ever, second only to wearing clothes. That being said, you should be stoked to hit the gym and get your sweat on because not only because it's trendy AF, but also because it's good for you! Duh.

But it’s not always easy forcing yourself to take a trip to the nearest fitness center — especially if you went yesterday or the day before. It requires a lot of self-discipline and quite frankly, binge-watching Netflix seems like a much better idea when your couch is staring at you from a few feet away. One thing that can make that a hell of a lot easier for you is if you have a friend who’s counting on you to be there.

Getting yourself a workout buddy has way more benefits than you might realize. You may enjoy the freedom of going alone, but there’s far more to gain by getting buff with your BFF. The next time you workout, ask a friend to tag along and you’ll reap all of these rewards.

1. It Helps You Stay Accountable

working out with a buddy


Working out is hard. It’s easier to just sit at home and enjoy a good book than it is to put on workout clothes, drive to the gym and then force yourself to sweat for an hour. But if deep down that's what you want, then you need to stay accountable and stick to your schedule. That’s where your gym buddy comes in. You'll feel way worse blowing off a bud than you will just bailing on plans you made with yourself.