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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Trainer Breaks My Heart 8 Times

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Gwyneth Paltrow And Tracy AndersonTracy Anderson is famous for two things: training celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and being tragically body negative. Sure, her body negativity is completely reflective of society's twisted ideals, but she perpetuates them in order to turn a profit.

Today, Into The Gloss posted an essay from Anderson herself that actually broke my heart. Until now I thought she was just a greedy hater, but as it turns out, she has some truly messed up ideas about bodies–her own and those belonging to others. My heart sank line after line. Now all of the sick things I've read about her make sense. This depressing essay gives great insight into Anderson's sad world.

Here are Tracy Anderson's 8 most heartbreaking quotes:

1) On her body when she was going to dance school:

By dancers' standards I was fat; by normal standards I was a little chubby—I gained 35 pounds when I turned 19,

2) More of the that…

Because of my body, I wasn’t being taken seriously as a dancer. This was around the time that Disney came to Broadway, so the people at my school were very much like, ‘Maybe Tracy you can play the teapot in Beauty and the Beast.’ That’s not what I wanted to hear.

3) On her diet while she was a “chubby” dancer-

I had what I would consider a normal relationship with food…I wasn’t eating a bunch of food… My mustard and tomato bagel was the one thing I had every day.

4) More about that “normal relationship with food”-

All these years that I’ve owned my body being tiny and how I wanted to be, I still can’t look at a mustard and tomato bagel. I think if I eat that bagel, I’m gonna gain 30 pounds.

5) On her body after she was over exercising (this is one of the worst things I've heard someone say about their own bod)-

I looked like I was shoved in a trash compactor and spit out like a Garbage Pail Kid in my black leotard and tights. I’m not kidding.

6) On what she was going for in devising The Tracy Anderson Method-

If you can make your body freakishly large, why can’t you make your body freakishly proportional?

7) On cobbling together her version of  the perfectly proportioned body type to model people off of-

 I had to think: whose butt do I think everybody wants? And before Gisele was even a household name, I cut her butt out of a Victoria’s Secret catalogue, and I was like, ‘I think every woman wants that butt.’ And then I went through magazines and things, trying to find examples for the rest of the body, thinking, ‘These arms look too bulky. These arms look too scrawny and lifeless. I feel like women want this leg, women don’t really want a six pack on their abs, but they want their stomachs to curve in and then curve out.’

8) On Gwyneth Paltrow when she first started working with her-

She had 35 extra pounds on her. Her butt was long and she had outer thigh problems. Gwyneth is lucky because she’s really tall, so she can hide it really well in clothes, but she had significant problem areas. I felt so badly for her, and thought I could really help.

I want to critique her for objectifying Gisele like that and for saying such negative stuff about Gwyneth Paltrow's body, but Tracy Anderson is clearly really struggling with body image and has been for a long time. I'm disappointed that Into The Gloss published this piece–it really would be better suited for depressing pro ana tags on Tumblr.

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