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Gulf Oil Spill: Spirit Air Must Be High To Stoop So Low

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So far, it seems like no one’s really capitalizing on the BP oil spill in the Gulf. We haven’t seen any t-shirts or heard any #1 hits about oil – and if we did, we’d hope the proceeds would be going to those people and wildlife affected by the spill. That’s so gre–wait, what? Spirit Air is running ads that are exploiting the oil spill – and sexist to boot?

Spirit Air’s new campaign focuses on scantily-clad women lounging on beaches, all lubed up and enjoying the sun. The tagline reads, “Check out the oil on our beaches.” So tasteless. Did anyone at the ad agency perhaps think it was too soon, insensitive, or inappropriate to exploit a disaster that killed people, wildlife, and ruined a huge swath of the Gulf of Mexico – and is just getting worse? Not in the spirit of things. Morons.

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via Salon