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Guinness Is Ridding Its Beers Of Those Fish Bladders You Didn’t Know You Were Drinking

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Guinness is notorious for being a badass beer. It’s heavy, it’s dark, and it’s a drunken country’s beverage of choice. Yeah, it’s a pretty hardcore drink of choice.

But now, the bad boy beer is going soft. Well, at least softer — by announcing that the iconic Irish beer is going vegan. Yes, like that hippie in your company’s design department.

Guinness has announced that it will stop utilizing fish bladders during the brewing process (which is gross, BTW), therefore brewing a 100 percent animal-free beverage.

If you’re surprised you’ve been consuming fish guts, you aren’t alone. Guinness currently disclaims beer drinkers with a inconspicuous label reading the drink contains, “a by-product of the fishing industry,” which seems pretty fishy to me.

I’m disgusted that I ever drank Guinness aka fish guts, but I’m glad the beer powerhouse plans to switch to a new, vegan-friendly filtering system in 2016. Apparently, fish bladders are sometimes found in the finish product, which is completely, totally and UTTERLY disgusting. Unfortunately it’s not that uncommon.

Here’s to raising a glass to Guinness — in 2016.

Image via Wikimedia Commons