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Growing Up Chopra

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Ever wondered what it would be like if Deepak Chopra were your dad? Check out Well+Good NYC's profile on his daughter, Mallika, who's set to start a spiritual empire of her own.

Mallika Chopra

When Mallika Chopra was nine years old, her father asked her the same question every day. “What is your intent for the day?” At first, she thought intentions were like wishes, and she’d ask for Boston Celtics tickets or a trip to Hawaii.

“My father would say ‘But what about asking for love, connection, inspiration, knowledge?’” she says. Little by little, she did, and after a lucrative career in media, Chopra is following in the footsteps of her spectacularly famous spiritual-guide father, Deepak.

In September, she relaunched her website, Intent.com, to allow users to set intentions, reaffirm them on a daily basis, and support those set by others. “I just hope it can continue to grow as a platform to connect people around shared dreams,” she says. And if that weren’t enough, she’s also imparting spiritual parenting advice on the new web show “Perfectly Imperfect Parents” onThe Chopra Well.

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