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The 10 Most WTF Objects That People Have Found In Their Fast Food

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Earlier today, we learned that a child found a deep fried hand towel in his KFC chicken. Which got me to thinking, what other nasty inedibles have people accidentally chomped into? Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of some of the worst disgusting food finds. Hope you're not eating lunch.

1. Finger

A California woman allegedly found a finger in her bowl of Wendy's chili, driving police mad trying to figure out from whence the lost appendage came. After carefully examining all of the hands in San Jose (not really), they found the source of the finger to be a Nevada man who lost it in an industrial accident. He gave it to the woman's husband to plant in her food as part of a scheme to scam Wendy's. Nice try. Nice, gross try.

2. Metal Pin

American restaurants aren't the only ones dishing out inedible surprises. A Canadian woman allegedly found a metal pin in her cheeseburger from the McDonald's inside her local Wal-Mart. Silly McDonald's, people need stomach staples after they've eaten your food. On the bright side, the woman and her daughter received two pin-free burgers, fries, and a drink for their inconvenience.

3. Razor Blade

A metal pin, eh McDonald's? Burger King sees your metal pin and raises you one razor blade! They definitely outdid their competitor in terms of grossness when a California woman allegedly found a razor blade in her burger while she was checking for onions. Hey, at least there weren't any onions. Yuck!

4. Human Skin

Things just got real, real gross. An Ohio man allegedly bit into his Arby's sandwich and found a .75 inch long piece of flesh, which seemed to have fingerprints on it. Investigators found that the restaurant manager had a bandage around his finger, which he sliced earlier. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? How do you have time to notice a .75 inch piece of anything when you're busy wolfing down a delicious Arby's chicken sandwich? He's the freak in this case.

5. Chicken Feather

An Indiana woman allegedly found a feather in her McNuggets, which was later determined to be a pin feather, from a broiler-type chicken. Can you believe that? McNuggets are actually made from chickens. Honestly I'd be thrilled to find this kind of evidence.

6. Frog

This one breaks my heart. I'm not surprised to hear crappy fast food chains letting razor blades slip into their grease, but Pret A Manger?! Say it ain't so. A New Yorker allegedly found a frog in their salad from the fresh food bistro, making everyone ask how a frog got into New York.

7. Condom

A Swiss seven year old reportedly received a condom in her McDonald's Happy Meal. Sounds like someone got a little too happy in the kitchen. No info on whether the condom was sauced up or not. (Sorry)

8. Mouse

This one may not be from fast food, but I couldn't leave out this gut-wrenching find. A UK man allegedly found a dead mouse baked into his loaf of Premier Foods bread. I actually kind of wish this had happened to me, because I'd probably never eat carbs again.

9. Bullets

I've heard about the violence in Los Angeles, but I didn't think the food was in danger too. A woman allegedly swallowed a bullet that was hiding inside a hot dog from Costco. But she remained optimistic, saying, “If a bullet's going to be in your stomach, at least it didn't pierce the skin to get there.” Now that's looking at the glass half full. Of bullets.

10. Syringe

Possibly most dangerous of all, a Hawaii man allegedly cut his tongue on a syringe needle inside of his Burger King burger. In the hospital, another needle was found in his small intestine. Call me crazy, but I'd rather bite into a dead mouse than have to face crapping out a needle.

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