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Better Than An App: Grocery Stores Employ Dietitians To Help You Choose Good Food

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shutterstock_114569323High-end department stores have long employed personal shoppers to help consumers with their fashion quandaries. Now, grocery stores may be getting in on the game.

According to U.S. News & World Report, supermarkets around the United States have begun employing dietitians to guide patrons in making grocery choices.

“With the obesity epidemic and diabetes, a lot of the focus is switching into the supermarket, where people buy food, so the dietitians likewise are moving from the hospital and the clinical settings,” said Robert Vosburgh, an editor with trade mag Supermarket News. 

The Food Marketing Institute, a trade association for food retailers and wholesalers, siad 85% of its members employ dietitians at the corporate level. These dietitians might help with creating educational pamphlets and information, or answering questions passed up the chain from individual stores or consumers.

In addition, some 33% of all stores that are part of the FMI's membership employ on-site dietitians. The services these dietitians provide range from teaching cooking classes or offering special talks to being on-hand to directly help consumers with making smart shopping choices.

Have you ever seen a dietitian at your local supermarket? Would you use one's services while shopping if they were around?