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Greta Gerwig Acknowledges She’s Never Been Overweight, But ‘Struggles With It Anyway’

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Greta Gerwig Acknowledges She s Never Been Overweight  But  Struggles With It Anyway  Greta Gerwig jpg

Greta Gerwig, absurdly charming human being and star of Frances Ha, touched on a topic almost all of us can relate to while interviewing with Rookie Magazine: feeling the pressure to be a certain weight.

While discussing body image, Gerwig said this:

I’m not saying this as a boast — but I’ve never been overweight in a serious way and I don’t know what that feels like. So I don’t want to claim that I’m somehow representative of, or that I really understand, what it’s like to deal with that in a bigger way. What’s interesting to me is that I struggle with it anyway. That it occupies my mind in a way that’s disproportionate to how much of an issue it actually should be for me. I think that’s the culture.

Not too long ago, Gerwig noted one of the biggest advantages of getting famous: designers actually send her stuff that fits, rather than sample sizes in 0s or 2s, as most are. (As a side note: with regard to sample sales, if you are around a size 10, as I am, you should go to them because nobody this size seems to go and you will have a lot more to choose from.)

It is stressful to always have our bodies scrutinized and critiqued, to constantly be told what our “best angles” are or how to “slim down” even if it has nothing to do with healthiness, to be informed that certain bathing suits aren’t for our bodies because we aren’t “bikini ready.” This pressure doesn’t just affect women who are overweight; it affects all of us.

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