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Greenopolis On-Street Kiosks Reward Your Recycling

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Cutting back on plastics is part of any good fossil fuel diet, but sometimes we all break fast and buy a plastic bottle or two. The bad news is that plastics are still bad. But the good news is that Greenopolis, an online recycling group sponsored by Waste Management, is actually giving consumers an incentive to recycle with on-street kiosks that offer rewards for recycled goods. Users just have to register for the program and bring recyclables to the kiosks (aluminum and glass are accepted in addition to plastics), and they'll get an account that tracks their recycling history and offers points for things like dining, shopping, travel, and special event rewards.

Greenopolis kiosks are only availabe in limited states for now, but they're expanding fast, so keep an eye out for kiosks near you. (Click here to find out more and see if there's a program in your area.)