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Green Holiday Gifts that Give Back

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During the holidays you can give all sorts of green gifts but some of the nicest gifts you can give will give back to the environment and communities as well. A while back we looked at some cool tees that give back to eco-causes. However, not everyone likes a tee, so luckily there are some other great gifts you can choose for your green pals, such as…

arbor day tree gifts

The Arbor Day Foundation has many cool eco-friendly gift ideas. You can give a pal a tree for planting. Trees come in several different types of redwoods, pines, or spruces, and they're packaged in totally recyclable packaging that can be turned into a cute bird feeder.

Make a donation to Habitat for Humanity in your loved one's name and your gift will go to a low-flow toilets and other home building supplies to help a family in need. Habitat not only uses sustainable, energy efficient building methods when possible, but these house improve the local community and improve the lives of families in need.

Vegan friendly TOMS slippers are made from a blend of recycled products, faux suede insoles and rubber outsoles. and for each pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. TOMS also carries some other eco-friendly styles, such as canvas.

The Rainforest Site carries tons of eco-friendly products and each item you buy helps fund habitat preservation. The shop carries plenty of goodies like Organic Aromatherapy Body Soap, Antique Sari Cell Phone Cases, Recycled Soda Bottle Soy Candle, and more.

When you purchase special holiday goodies from Dancing Deer Baking Co. “Sweet Home” cake & cookie gifts line the company donates 35% of the retail price to scholarship programs through One Family Inc. to help homeless and at risk mothers further their education.

For more ideas on green gifts that give back visit Gaiam or Oprah's Magazine.

[image via the Arbor Day Foundation]