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Green Growing Fun – Strange Planters

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Heads up; none of these items are particularly sustainable (well, some are recycled), but they're not going to change the world or cut your electricity use. That said, sometimes you just need a nice dose of green fun. All of the following items grow some green, but not in typical ways.

flower-pot-ring-that-growsAbove is the quirky Flower Pot Ring by Allison Wells at Paper Snake. Wells makes lots of nice jewelry, besides pots that grow. I'd check out her bird designs.


If you're going to waste paper for hand out business cards, at least get some that grow when dipped in water!These above do – the “Another Bloomin’ Designer” business cards by Jamie Wieck. I'm a big Jamie Wieck fan – this artist creates so much cool stuff that your eyes will pop. Visit the site.


OMG Lego Planter! – if your kids have outgrown their Lego sets, why not build a planter with them? Why not indeed…  This is a cool way to recycle toy use. See many more images. Via The Bob Blog.

See more cool planters…

What's the oddest thing you've ever recycled into a planter?