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Green Blogathon Reminder

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Just a quick reminder about the big Green Blogathon set to happen this coming weekend, Feb 24th & 25th. The fun and frivolity gets rolling on Friday evening. I'll be joining in Saturday morning at 10am EST to do my 12 hour stint.

In addition to Shea from Musings of an Eco-Entrepreneur; other green bloggers will include Jeff from Sustainablog, Michael and the gang at Groovy Green, Aaron of Powering Down and Jen from PeacefulWaters.org. Hopefully there'll be a few more as well.

Here at Unplugged, I'll be blogging in support of the Light Up The World Foundation. I'm aiming for 25 posts in 12 hours, so if you'd like to make a pledge, please do let me know.

For more details on the Blogathon, check out Shea's post here or Michael's post here.

Hope to see you here on Saturday!