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Got Autism? (asks PETA)

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Apparently PETA is going to run a billboard with that very phrase around Newark, New Jersey. Reports that dairy consumption might be linked to autism have spurred this ad campaign, according to The Peta Files:

Testimonials suggest that some people with this devastating disease may be able to find relief by simply removing milk from their diet.

There's a whole world of information out there for parents and for women who are pregnant or nursing about how to raise their kids dairy-free. Be an informed consumer and check it out!

*The Newark area had the highest rates of autism occurrence among 14 states studied in one report.

Aside from the “devastating disease” phrase which reinforces the view of autism as some dreadful disease, PETA should note that Newark is one among a few places in New Jersey which autism rates were studied by the CDC; four other counties were also studied. Will there be billboards going up across the state of New Jersey too?

I drive through Newark everyday as I go to and from work so I may well see this billboard. We do avoid giving my son milk—I avoid it myself—-but “yes” will be my very affirmative answer to the question “got autism.” Yes, and very fine about it, thank you.

But I also have to say “yes” about PETA's ad campaign providing misinformation about autism and oversimplifying what autism is, and what can be done to help a child.