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2012 In 3 Minutes: Google Zeitgeist Video Of The Year’s Top Searches Is Surprisingly Feel-Good

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google zeitgeist video 2012
Cramming the most notable moments of 2012 into three minutes might seem impossible, but not if you're Google Zeitgeist. Basing it on the world's top google searches and making it a feel-good video: Also possible if you're Google Zeitgeist. The world's top search engine just put out their “year in review” video, and it officially belongs on your must-watch: Not only does it commemorate the year's most important moments; it's surprisingly inspirational at the close of a year that's felt like a long year in depressing international news.

Of course, the Google Zeitgiest video doesn't show everything that happened this year (and the world's top searches in 2012 don't necessarily reflect the most important events of 2012), but even if it skips over some of the lesser-googled news stories, it's pretty inspirational.

Part of that work is thanks to the creative agency, Whirled, which was hired to do the Google Zeitgeist 2011 video, and did this year's as well. Scott Chan, Whirled's creative director, told AdWeek:

“It's a whole lot of homework and research. As cliché as it might sound, the process for me always starts on Jan. 1. I'm honestly thinking about how we can top ourselves without straying too far from the formula that people have grown to love over the years. Like, for example, I brought on viral remixer extraordinaire Luc Begeron (aka Zapatou), who has been making noise creating these epic supercuts using the best videos the Internet (world) has to offer.”

“But things really kick off in late September. Together with the Search team at Google, we spend a solid couple of months reading, watching and cataloging to understand just what happened in the year so that we can figure out the story we want to tell. Then it's just a matter of fitting all the pieces of the puzzle (events) together to tell that story.”

Check out the video for a feel-good reflection on the most searched happenings of 2012:

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