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Google Reveals Top Trending Diets Of 2012 (Some Very Strange!)

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Google Reveals Top Trending Diets Of 2012  Some Very Strange  shutterstock 95508187 jpgPeople are fascinated with dieting and the way that other people eat. So much so, that Google tracks the Internet searches related to diets and, each year, releases a list of the most popular diet-related searches. And guess what? It’s not always about weight loss, but it is always about fads–many of which are unsafe. Take a look at some of the top diets that trended big during 2012 according to Google:

Michael Phelps Diet. While training for the Beijing Olympics, it was revealed that swimming legend, Michael Phelps, was chowing down on a whopping 12,000 calories a day. Now, of course, he was working out five hours a day, six days a week, so he could justify a breakfast that included three fried egg sandwiches, an omelete, a bowl of grits, French toast and three pancakes. And then lunch and dinner meals that often included a pound of pasta and a whole pizza. A word to the wise: Do not try this unless you are working out seriously 30-plus hours a week!

Raspberry Ketone Diet. After Dr. Oz proclaimed that raspberry ketones are the “number one miracle in a bottle for burning your fat,” people flew to their nearest health food store–and their computers. Apparently, these pills can help avoid weight gain because they boost hormones that have fat-burning qualities. Most experts remain skeptical–as do we.

PINK Method Diet. Dr. Phil premiered this new diet on his show, so it’s no surprise that viewers went searching for more information on their laptops. P.I.N.K. stands for Power, Intensity, Nutrition and cardio with a K. It’s essentially a weight loss program for women that includes nutrition guides and workout DVDs led by women who are all wearing pink, of course.

Adriana Lima Diet. Supermodel Adriana Lima made a major splash on the runway recently when she appeared in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show just six weeks after giving birth. Of course, viewers wanted to know exactly how she fit into the lingerie–especially after admitting that she gained over 40 pounds during her pregnancy.

Feeding Tube Diet. This one has to be the worst. A new trend emerged this year for brides-to-be who wanted to lose weight before their walk down the aisle. In this crazy feeding tube diet, also known as the K-E diet, women have a doctor place a nasogastric tube through the nose and into the stomach. That tube is attached to a protein pack that drips 800 calories worth of nutrients a day into their stomach. This is much less than the recommended 2,000 to 2,4000 for women, which can be extremely dangerous and unhealthy. Please do not try this!

Other top trending diet searches included the glycemic diet, Miranda Kerr diet and the NV diet pill.

Of course, when it comes to weight loss, we recommend sticking with the tried and true of consuming a healthy, balanced diet and engaging in daily exercise versus trying the latest dieting fad.


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