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Goodbye, Cough Syrup: 12 Natural, At-Home Cold Remedies

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We're not big fans of pumping ourselves full of cold medicine the second our noses start running. But we're also not fond of feeling like crap all day. Luckily, The Daily Green has 12 all-natural, at-home remedies to get us through cold season.

1. For a cough: Put three tablespoons of dried thyme into a pint of boiling water. Once it cools, add a cup of honey and take one teaspoon every hour (if needed).

2. To prevent colds: Eat a diet rich in vitamin C to keep colds at bay.

3. For a runny nose: Add garlic to your food for a few days, and kiss your snot goodbye.

4.  For nosebleeds: Eat a cup of leafy greens daily to get the vitamin K you need to keep your capillaries strong against dry indoor air.

5. For sore throats: To soothe your aching throat, try a jujube tea — you'll get some vitamin C, too.

6. For headaches: Eating two cups of carrots daily can reduce headaches by 70% in some people.

7. For fatigue: If you're feeling zapped as soon as the sun starts to set, grab a handful of unsalted nuts, like almonds.

8. For anxiety: The holiday season is almost upon us.  Apply lavender oil to your pulse points to relax.

9. For indigestion: Eat a half-cup of pineapple every day to help reduce gas.

10. For burns: Get too close to the fireplace? Slice a tomato and apply it to a minor burn for an anti-inflammatory effect.

11. For insomnia: Snack on celery to harness the vegetable's sedative powers and get a better night's sleep.

12. For dry skin: Eating an ounce of walnuts every day will improve your skin's natural moisture.

via The Daily Green