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Woman Behind Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial “Not Sure What Negative Stereotypes It Reinforced”

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Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 11.29.52 AMForbes interviewed Barbara Rechterman, the woman behind this year's GoDaddy.com “Perfect Match” Super Bowl commercial. It's a doozy.

First, the ad: It features supermodel Bar Rafaeli sloppily making out with a dorky, doughy-faced young man and ends with the tagline “When sexy meets smart your small business scores.” [If you haven't seen it yet, it's embedded at the bottom of this post.]

Forbes asked Rechterman — GoDaddy's longtime senior executive VP and chief marketing office — if she saw it as a problem that the commercial was rated mostly negatively. She does not (in fact, it “helped us achieve our best sales day ever, the Monday after the Super Bowl,” she said). And then there's this:

A lot of the criticism of “Perfect Match” accused it of reinforcing certain negative stereotypes. Did that bother you to hear?

I’m not sure what negative stereotypes it reinforced.

I guess it was the idea that beautiful women are dumb and need men to help them, that beautiful, dumb women and rich, unattractive men go together.

Interesting. I had not thought of it that way. But I can tell you the goal here was not to stereotype at all, but to make it about two things: to make it acceptable for a beautiful woman to kiss a nerdy guy who might have money, or to make it acceptable for a nerdy guy to kiss a beautiful woman. The goal was to demonstrate our edgy heritage and make it smart, and I think it did that.

Guys, the Go Daddy commercials didn't mean to suggest that beautiful women are dumb and need rich, unattractive men to help them, they meant to make it more acceptable for dumb, beautiful women to to get rich, unattractive men to help them. See the difference? GoDaddy isn't reinforcing gender stereotypes, they're making the world safer for them! All part of their edgy heritage, thanks.

The Q&A ends with Rechterman saying:

“The point of the spots is to make sure that we get our message heard and talked about, so that we can expand the brand and expose people to what we do.” 

I think she should probably just stick to that answer from now on.