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Kissing A Dude With Some Scruff Will Be Extra Weird Now, Because Glitter Beards Are A Thing

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Kissing A Dude With Some Scruff Will Be Extra Weird Now  Because Glitter Beards Are A Thing Screen Shot 2015 11 24 at 10 34 03 AM png

Every year, something happens that we can’t help but shake our heads and shrug about. Like JT’s infamous Dick in a Box skit. And now, glitter beards.

Yes, you read that right: glitter beards.

Glitter beards may not necessarily be a new phenomenon, but they are certainly new to me. They’ve been gaining traction recently as the holiday season gets closer.

What exactly is a glitter beard? Well, it’s exactly what you think it is. The wannabe lumbersexuals and mountain men of the world are filling their beards with the sparkly stuff, bringing a whole new level to the scratchy sensation that is kissing a dude with facial hair. It looks pretty festive, I must say, but I can’t imagine it will be amazing for whoever finds themselves under the mistletoe with a man possessing a glitter beard.

In fact, it might just be your new personal hell: not only will your chin hurt like a mother, but your pores will be permanently filled with glitter!

While it will be way easier for dudes to deck the halls with glitter beards, I’m anxious to see how long it will take the glitter to fully come out. They may be stuck with it forever.

I can’t say I hate this facial fad, but I can’t say I understand it either.

But you do you, men of the world. You do you.

Image via The Gay Beards