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Girl Scout Cookies Save Lives, According To These Michigan Women

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Who says you can’t survive on Girl Scout cookies?

Well, technically, nobody. But two sisters from Michigan proved that you can, in fact, survive on Thin Mints and Do-Si-Dos, if the opportunity presented itself.

The two Michigan women got lost in the wilderness for almost two weeks after they became stranded by heavy snow on April 11, when on vacation in a remote part of Michigan. After their car stalled in a remote area, and neither has cell service to call for help, the women knew they might have to sit tight for awhile.

Luckily, they had reinforcements — in the shape of America’s most desired cookie brand. According to police, Leslie Roy, 52 and her sister Lee Marie Wright, 56, rationed food and gas as they tried to stay warm in their SUV as they waited for help. The pair survived on eight boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and a bag of cheese puffs — so basically, your Friday night “cheat day” binge.

It’s unclear exactly what kinds of cookies the pair was able to munch on, but all kidding aside, I give them serious props for being able to ration any flavor of what I like to call ‘Crack Cookies.’

Their disappearance was discovered when the pair failed to show up in Kalamazoo to join their family, and the search for the missing women began. The police were unable to find any recent bank records or cell records that hinted at their whereabouts.

Their SUV was finally discovered by a helicopter on Friday, and the women were airlifted to Helen Newberry Joy hospital.

While we can all be thankful these women are safe, I’m also hoping someone nice will share their leftover Girl Scout Cookies with them this year — as the typical ‘ordering’ period has passed.

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