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Gingerbread Decorated Coffee Cups

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O.k..I have been sitting on this post for a couple of days. I emailed the blog  owner and asked if I could use an image but there was no response  :::sobbing::: so I will just link to it, give you a boring picture, and you will have to head over to the blog for the

Poor cup without the cute gingerbread house.

Poor cup without the cute gingerbread house.

instructions and images. Trust me..these are worth leaving the comfort of Kettle and Cup for!

Imagine coffee mugs, filled with steaming coffee and adorable tiny gingerbread houses balanced on the rim. I LOVE these. They are the cutest things ever. These are from Not Martha and they are truly brilliant.

I think that they would be great for any winter party…and I am thinking that you could do a version for Valentines Day as well. I mean you could either decorate them to look like sweetheart cottages or you could add a notch to heart shaped cookies and decorate them. Either way it is a brilliant and adorable idea.

image:marye audet