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Gift Ideas For Your Boss

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Gift ideas for your boss gift thumbnail gif“What should I get my boss?’ is a frequently a dilemma for workers during the holidays.

No, not the short boss(es) at home, the one who signs your paycheck.

Assuming that it is desirable and appropriate to give your supervisor a gift, what do you give them?

In some ways, it’s like trying to decide on a gift for a teacher. It’s hard to find the balance between too personal and impersonal as well as meaningful, and, you also want to make sure it’s a “good gift” that anyone would enjoy.

Additionally, it can be even more difficult when your boss is in a different “financial realm” than you are. For example, my boss is a doctor, and, let’s say we aren’t in the same tax bracket. However, I still want to get him a Christmas gift.

That’s not too hard, right?


Here’s a few ideas I had:

1. Small gift certificate to a nearby coffee shop, or popular eatery. My boss loves coffee, and, there’s an in-house coffee stand at work. I got him a couple of gift certificates there and put them in a card, not because he can’t buy his own coffee, but, I knew it was something he could and would use.

2. Luxury chocolate – For example, I had the opportunity to try Hotel Chocolat, and, boy is there a difference when you get “nice” chocolate!

Certainly not for everyone, but, very tasty for the right person.

3. A nice picture frame – My boss is an avid photographer, and, is always sharing his photos with us. I am thinking about printing one he has sent digitally, and, framing it to give him.

Even if he already has a print of it, he can use the frame and give the print, a nature scene, to someone else.

Or, a digital photo frame might be a good gift for the boss from a group.

4. Digital Voice Recorder – good for meetings, memos or interviews.

5. Extraterrestrial property OK, maybe not, but, depending on what goes on in your office, a humorous or light-hearted gift might be the answer.

How about an electronic Sudoku game?

What have you found to be a good gift for the boss?