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How To Get Into Spring Break Shape In 10 Easy Steps

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Maxim and Just Dance 3 have Spring Breakers dancing on the beach with 30 Rock's Katrina Bowden on March 8, 2012 in Panama City Beach,

March is here, that means Winter is ending and Spring is on its way. Springtime means Spring Break. If I learned anything from watching MTV as a youth or from Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers(2012), Spring Break is a time for hot young co-eds to party in bathing suits sans rules and repercussions.

If you're going on a trip for your seasonal vacation, you're going to want to look good. If you don't look perfect, how will you even have a good time? Magazines will tell you about special booty, thigh, and abdominal exercises to get your body “ready” to be instagrammed while wearing nothing but a bikini and a thin coat of tequila, but there are a number of methods to get your bod in spring break shape just in time for your party bus to Hilton Head.

Here at BlissTree, we created a 10 step method to get your body in the right kind of shape for the best spring break ever:

Step 1: Decide what you will do for Spring Break. Your chosen location of Spring Break vacation destination will inform what kind of spring break bod you want.

Step 2: Envision the bod you want doing whatever activities you hope to do on your vacation. Picture yourself hang-gliding, walking on The Great Wall, posing like you're holding up the leaning tower of Pisa, doing body shots off of locals…whatever it is you wish to do. According to the secret, just imagining something means you are helping to will it to happen.

Step 3: Cut out pictures of admirable bodies from magazines for inspiration. If they are bodies of water and the like, leave them alone, but if your cutouts are bodies of humans, make sure you remove the eyes like a serial killer would. Don't be too hard on yourself, you will never have a body like the Pacific Ocean or like another person's body. All the diet and exercise in the world might change the way your body looks, but it will never mutate it into another body.

Step 4: Photoshop yourself into scenes at your destination. With photo-editing magic, you can make it look like your head on your dream spring break bod got nasty at a foam party down in Cancun without even getting on a plane.

Step 5: Consider what clothes you will be wearing on your trip. If you plan on wearing a bikini and want a bikini body, you must first purchase and dress up in your bikini to achieve your bikini bod. Once you are wearing that bikini on your body on the beach, you will have your beach body.

Step 6: Exercise so that you feel strong, healthy and good about yourself. Don't do anything too extreme or unsafe. If you hurt yourself before Spring Break because you were going too hard at the gym, you're going to have a bad time.

Step 7: Eat right so that you feel strong, healthy and good about yourself. Don't engage in any crash diets or you won't have the energy to party like a Spring Breaker at a hotel-orgy in Florida.

Step 8: Train for events like wet t-shirt contests and bar crawls. Practice makes perfect.

Step 9: Go to a doctor and talk about travel vaccines. Falling ill on Spring Break is less sexy than falling off of a speaker at a pool party. The only things you want to bring back from Punta Cana are a sweet tan and a tattoo of a Mexican drinking worm.

Step 10: Be on spring break. If you are excited and have a good attitude and are well prepared, you will be in the best shape to have a killer vacation.

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