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Alternatives To Shooting Your Pet Should You Need Him/Her Gone

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do not shoot your pet

An Illinois man with a dog he wanted to get rid of, so he put an ad searching for a new owner on Craigslist. However, rather than saying something along the lines of “my dog needs a new home because I cannot adequately care for it,” he stated his intention to kill the animal with his gun should nobody show up to take it. Fortunately, a wonderful woman named Liz Pendleton drove as fast as she could from Missouri to Illinois and snatched up the dog from his cruel owner. Unfortunately, Pendleton cannot offer him a permanent home, so she is currently looking for one (Gawker lists her email as lizzy314314[at]gmail.com).

So, if you have a pet whom you can no longer care for, what can you do? Well, do not give it to one of your fans at a concert, first of all. Other than that, here are some alternatives to actually killing your pet (ugh, I hate that I feel obligated to write that sentence):

  • Give your pet to a friend who's responsible, kind and able to afford the animal.
  • Take your pet to a no-kill shelter.
  • Or, even better, an animal sanctuary.
  • Ask yourself if you really need to get rid of the animal. Is this a behavioral issue? Those can be changed, oftentimes, so do not simply write off your pet because he peed on the carpet a few times.
  • Find a home for the animal yourself. Just make sure you can visit the place where the animal will be living now and check on the prospective adopter's background.
  • Check if there are groups specific to your dog's type that can take it in. According to the Humane Society, those are typically run by people with in-depth knowledge on the breed who can better determine how to find a perfect forever home for the animal.
  • Do not get another pet until you are positive you can commit to caring for your pet for as long as he or she lives. Seriously.

Obviously, the title and content of this little list is a little tongue-in-cheek, but just so we're clear: shooting an animal is no laughing matter. So, let's review the actual message here: Do not shoot your pet. Do not shoot your pet. Do not ever, ever shoot your pet.

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