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Workout Playlist: Carrie’s “Get It Girl” Playlist

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Since it's spring and everyone I see is jogging around with headphones in their ears, I thought it would be fun to share my go-to workout playlist. I don't always exercise with music, but when I do, I'm pretty choosy about it. And (if I do say so myself), this “Get It Girl” workout playlist is pretty fierce.

This all-female playlist is loud, fast, and sometimes angry. Ranging from R&B to country to indie rock, all of these songs are bold, bright and will make you want to kick some ass, guaranteed.

My personal faves on here are the super hyper “Just A Song About Ping Pong,” by Australian band Operator Please, and “Pretty Girl Rock” by Keri Hilson (when she sings “My name is Keri” I love it! Because … my name is Carrie!)

The songs on “Get It Girl” are as good for cardio as they are for running, or at least I think so. They're not optimized for BPM or anything like that, just a fun compilation of songs meant to really pump you up.

The playlist, which I've made over on 8Tracks.com, might be the electricity you need to jolt some energy back into your exercise routine. Or at least make today's Monday elliptical workout a little less ho-hum.

Get It Girl Workout Playlist from carriemurph on 8tracks Radio.

What are your go to workout songs? Do you have a bomb exercise playlist you'd be willing to share? I'm always looking for music to rev me up—and include in future playlists—so drop your suggestions in the comments!