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German Feminist Alice Schwarzer Says Heterosexual Intercourse Subjugates Women

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German feminist Alice Schwarzer sparked controversy by claiming that heterosexual intercourse necessarily involves the subjugation of women.

In a public feud, Germany's leading feminist campaigner recently called its minister of families and women “incompetent” and “hopeless” — not what we think of as an empowering way to treat other women, but hey, it's Germany, what do we know? When we read up on why they're fighting, though, we started to feel a little more strongly: Their disagreement stems from comments by Alice Schwarzer, Germany's foremost feminist campaigner, claiming that “heterosexual sex was hardly possible without the subjugation of women.”

Kristina Schröder, the minister of families, pensioners, and women, stated that she couldn't agree with Schwartzer's philosophy that women should reject heterosexual relationships, stating in an interview that “It's absurd to define something that is vital to the survival of humanity as subjugation.” (She also went on to state that young boys' underperformance in school is to blame on an overabundance of female teachers and care-takers, and rejected the idea of hiring quotas to increase women's career opportunities.)

Neither side of this argument seems rock solid, but we can't say that we're on board with the idea that heterosexual sex is necessarily subjugating to women. Women are at much higher risk of sexual assault and rape, and we'd bet that they're more often on the losing end of dysfunctional sexual relationships than men, but is it possible for women to have safe, healthy sex with men? We sure hope so.

Who's side are you on: Is Alice Schwarzer onto something with her theories about women and sex, or is Kristina Schröder right to critique her views? Tell us in the comments section, below.

via The Guardian