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Gender Inequality: Men Have Incredibly Unfair Lives

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Listen, dudes: you got a pretty good deal. You don’t bleed uncontrollably from your crotch once a month for most of your life. There’s no possibility that one day you’ll have to push a human being out of you. And, finally, you occupy positions of power in the workplace (and society at large), bringing home way more bacon for sometimes the same jobs that women do. So what the hell do you have to complain about?

Apparently, a lot. Ranker put together a list of ten things that are acceptable for women to do, but not men. And honestly, most of them seem like bullshit. We understand a few (men only have one birth control option and don’t have much of a say in abortions, but whatevs), but most of the rules are societal standards imposed by men, who generally make the rules for the world at large. (Adam chose to eat the apple, but then he went to God and blamed it all on Eve!)

Men can’t use sex toys because they’re afraid of what people would think. Men can’t wear women’s clothing because people might think they’re drag queens. Men can’t openly experiment with homosexuality, hug each other, dance together, call each other attractive, or wear makeup, all because they’re afraid of being dubbed “gay.”

Hey, pansies — Man up, why don’t you? If you want to do all of these things, then just do them. We have plenty of guy friends who hug each other, dance together, and let each other know when they’re looking good — and none of them is gay. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) And none of them call each other gay. If you’re scared to do all these things because you’re homophobic, then you’re just lame. And what you don’t realize is that if you wore a skirt to work, women would probably want to date you.