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iTunes For Fitness? GAIN’s New Digital Marketplace Brings Personal Trainer Workouts to Your Home

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Popular exercise app GAIN Fitness released a new product yesterday, a digital marketplace for personal training and fitness that some are calling “iTunes for fitness.” The jury's still out, but we think it sounds like a great addition to the rapidly-growing world of fitness technology.

While we're big proponents of simple, no-instruction workouts like running, there's a lot to be said for exercising with a professional. For lots of reasons (cost, location, lifestyle), that's an option that's not always available to most people. Enter GAIN, originally just an app itself, but now a marketplace that allows users to choose and download different workouts from experienced personal trainers.

While working out from apps downloaded onto your phone is nothing new, the idea of a platform that supports multiple fitness workouts and apps is new.

GAIN CEO Nick Gammell said:

One of the core benefits of our platform is blending features of mobile computing—tracking, analytics, and multimedia consumption—with real-world tools like gyms, yoga mats and ab rollers, to help people achieve their fitness goals. Technology has made everyone a lot busier and more sedentary, we want to turn that around and use it as a force for greater good.

Bringing the real fitness world into the digital fitness world? We're listening. He also told Venture Beat:

I wanted to build technology that takes away pen-and-paper aspect of planning a fitness routine. I wanted a fitness routine customized to my real time situation that considered what I did two days ago, what my overall goal is, and what I like to do. You can get a super efficient workout in a short period of time, as long as you know what to do.

Sounds ideal for busy people, right? I bet this marketplace is going to be utilized frequently by people who travel for business, busy moms and frazzled CEOs. I'm sure it'll be popular with data nerds, too; who doesn't like seeing real-time information about their workouts?

The GAIN marketplace features all kinds of diverse workouts, including weight-lifting, bodyweight training, yoga, cross-training, sport-specific training, pilates and even circus arts (!!!). The workout content also includes real voice instruction from the creators and can be downloaded directly into the GAIN app. The app is cool too—users can access all sorts of different features to help motivate their fitness, like scheduling, performance data and social sharing.

I'm interested to know if GAIN will ever let apps by other developers onto its platform, though. It might seem counterintuitive to business, but it would be another boon for people trying to work out at home if people could use GAIN as a way to download other fitness apps. I also can't find any information about how much the actual workouts themselves are, once you have the GAIN app (which is free).

We haven't given it a try yet, but we're eager to see how the GAIN app and the marketplace itself works as part of a fitness regimen, Have you or would you try GAIN's new workout marketplace?

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