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This Hilarious Workout Video Has A Twist Ending That You Will Not See Coming

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When I saw this video posted on Gawker touted as possibly “The Best Fitness Video Yet,” I thought “Pfff how good can a workout video be? Does someone slip on a banana peel while doing lunges? Is there a cameo from the Prancercise lady?,” then I started watching the video and giggled. It's ridiculously goofy and then ends with an even goofier twist. Watch right now if you can. It's a mere 33 seconds and you don't even need to turn the sound on, but it doesn't hurt.

I won't give away the ending, but it really clarifies one of the many reasons why trampolines are for nerds.  I'm of the school of thought that no one over the age of 12 should bounce on a trampoline unless they are contractually obligated to do so. Trampolines are silly at best and dangerous at worst. Once you don't have the youthful naiveté, lack of self consciousness, springy bones, agility and flexibility of a prepubescent human, you have no business on a trampoline. People under 12-years-of-age should have adults supervising and urging them not to jump on those death traps.

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