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Walmart Will Help Dieters “Get Back On Track” With Cake Mixes And Corn Syrup

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In these dark days “after the holidays and before swimsuit season,” it can be easy to lose sight of New Year's resolutions like healthy eating and losing weight, notes Wal-Mart. But don't worry: Walmart can help you get “back on track.” With corn syrup … and chocolate … and cake mix.

Via Consumerist, check out what one of its readers spotted at her local Walmart:


There are a few more photos on the Consumerist website, but basically the entire “Get Back on Track” aisle is stocked with confections — candy, baking chocolate, cake mixes, icing, jimmies, sugar, etcetera. Obviously it's just an error on the part of the Wal-Mart sign-switchers — at least we hope the folks at Wal-Mart don't think dipping chocolate and butter-flavored Crisco are health foods — but it still made us chuckle.

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