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This Hilarious Tampon Commercial Will Make You Want a First Moon Party

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Hilarious Tampon Commercial Throws Period PartyIf you've ever read Judy Blume's, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, about the trials and tribulations of growing up and becoming a woman (ew), there's now a commercial equivalent that embodies the feeling you get when all your friends have gotten their periods…except you.

Tampon startup HelloFlo, which sends monthly menstruation care packages—like the Birchbox for periods?—have created a sequel to their awesome “Camp Gyno” ad from last summer with this “First Moon Party” bit.

In the ad, a desperate tween (Katie) struggles with the fact that all her besties have gotten a visit from Aunt Flow before her. To deal with this traumatic experience, she fakes her period, using a bottle of ruby red nail polish.

While all her friends buy it (proclaiming, “Blood Sisters!”), her mother isn't fooled—the “blood” has glitter, after all—and to one-up her daughter while simultaneously punishing her for lying, she proclaims they must have a “First Moon Party.”

What is a First Moon party, you may ask?

Oh, just a get-together with close family, friends and all of your mother's co-workers to celebrate your first period!

Or as we like to think of it: The Most Awkward Party Ever.

Filled with uterus piñatas and games like, “pin the pad on the period,” this is one party for your vagina that sounds terrible, but kind of awesome at the same time.

The best line of the skit? “Do you make vagina cakes?” takes the cake (literally).

In the skit, the mom gets hung up on when she requests this baked good with genitalia—but I suspect vagina cakes are about to become a thing, and make a killing on the market.

At the end of the commercial, our lovable heroine (and regrettable liar) Katie still gets her “period starter kit,” for when her actual period arrives. Hooray!

I have to give props to HelloFlo for their hilariously awkward commercial, igniting a sense of ‘ew' and nostalgia all at once, and forcing us think about our periods in a totally different light.

And while I can't sympathize with Katie on wishing and waiting for her period—that damn “time of the month” will never be something I'm affectionate about again—I'm positive her and Judy Blume's character, Margaret, would be besties.